Parking At Corvera Airport

Airport car park

As and when information becomes available about the parking facilities at Corvera airport, it will be published here. In the meantime please make use of our competitive booking system for Murcia airport parking.


Prices for parking at Murcia airport are calculated on a minute basis with a maximum daily rate for up to four days, this rate is then reduced from the fifth day onwards.

Price per minute: €0.025650

Maximum Daily Rate up to 4 days: €9.05

Maximum Daily Rate from Day 5: €7.25

There is no need for booking in advance as there is normally no issue with parking spaces, however, there is a contact number should you wish to get in touch with them with prior anticipation.

If you are parking for long term at Murcia airport, there are a number of private parking companies situated close to Murcia Airport who could work out to be cheaper in the long term. These companies provide secure parking for your vehicle; they will drop you off at the airport as well as collect you upon arrival, some of these parking companies at Murcia airport even provide a basic valeting service prior to collection too.


Photo credit:  Julian♦H