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**News Update April 2018** With airport checks and ongoing progress towards the opening of Corvera Airport, hopes are for early January 2019 between the 7th - 15th for the winter flight schedule to commence.

**Latest Update 2018** Corvera Airport has been promised for late 2018, with an AVE high speed train service from Murcia to Madrid by Spanish president Mariano Rajoy.

This offers a great transport service to the Murcia region with flights expected to reach 4 million as the airport develops it’s services via AENA. We will keep you informed as more details about the opening of Corvera airport is released.

**Latest Update 2017**Since our last update we are happy to announce a deal has been done with AENA who operate most of Spains airports. Edeis the French company has withdrawn its tender for the management of Corvera airport and news is the airport will start operating during 2018 once the necessary safety authorisations are in place.

There will be a transition period before Corvera airport will be fully operational, services are likely to be moved over from San Javier airport during 2018.

**Last update August 2013** There is still no concrete information about the status of the airport. In fact, as time goes by it looks increasingly unlikely that this airport will ever be used in any sort of commercial capacity.

As and when we actually get any verified information we will publish it. In the meantime the airport continues to remain open but with no commercial traffic.

**Last update NOVEMBER 2012** Latest press news out suggests that the recent obstacles that Corvera airport has faced up until now have been overcome and that commercial flights will begin at the airport in April 2013. There are also suggestions that Corvera airport may also be known as Murcia International Airport.

The new International Airport of Corvera had been "coming soon" for some months with no projected date in sight but finally there seems to be progress to the point that a time set for flights to commence has been given. Earlier issues or rumours ranged from runways being too short or money running out. The most recent obstacle overcome however, is linked down to the air space in the area.

Various sources have quoted that there was an issue with the sharing of the air space with the military school based at the nearby Murcia San Javier airport that is based on the coast of the Mar Menor. Which airlines will fly to Corvera?

Up until now there has been little clarity as to which airlines may fly from Corvera airport and which from Murcia San Javier and which would be the bigger airport etc. however, as of 7th November 2012, we do know Jet2 will be flying into Corvera.

Managing Director of Jet2, Ian Doubtfire has recently visited Corvera airport and according to Jet2 news, "In order to continue to provide the best possible customer service, Jet2.com's 50 plus staff at San Javier will be transferred to the new airport when it opens next year".

Ian Doubtfire has also been quoted as stating, "We are very impressed with the user friendly airport facilities that have been built in Corvera and think it will be a very efficient airport when operational. The regional government has promised to keep us updated on the continuing discussions with AENA and have ensured that there are no disruptions to any of Jet2.com's scheduled flights to this important region - meaning passengers can look forward to their holiday."

Further to other recent reports, the military will regain control of Murcia San Javier airport once Corvera opens and all civilian business will be relocated to Corvera and if it is in fact the case, then we can potentially expect those airlines to relocate to Corvera too. This may not be the case though. Where is Corvera airport located?

To view the location map of Corvera airport, visit our page Corvera airport map.

From now: It's still unclear how exactly the transfer of day to day operations from San Javier to Corvera will happen as negotiations are still ongoing but what is certain is that over the coming months we will have much more new information concerning Corvera airport facilities, Corvera airport airlines and Corvera airport flights starting. Corvera Airport Timeline

October 2012 - Test flights prove to be successful and the Spanish airport authority confirmed that this meant that commercial flights could soon go ahead.

September 2012 - The President of the Murcia region, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, announced that the infrastructure of the new Corvera airport is "already finished" and that operations could commence in the near future. He also suggested that flights could only be a few months off.


Corvera airport has been under construction for about 5 years and in fact the idea was common place several years before that and during that time there has been vast amounts of property constructed in and around the Murcia region. According to the Murcia President the actual concept began as early as the 60's when demands for an international airport in the south-eastern corner of Spain were first brought up.

Why now?

Murcia has been well served up until this point by the Murcia San Javier airport. Located on the Mar Menor, which is also about an hour south of Alicante airport, Murcia San Javier is limited in its progress by the fact that it is also a military base and flight times and air and ground space are shared with military operations.

The Paramount Theme Park has also confirmed it will open for business in 2015. With the massive increased volume of tourists this is expected to bring to the airport, a larger airport that can fulfill such demands is needed and with Alicante airport a drive northwards up the coast, a bigger international airport in the region of Murcia becomes a necessity and Corvera airport aims to fulfill this need.

You can find out further information about the upcoming inauguration of Corvera International Airport on this site as and when it becomes available.